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Stopped traffic on the Banff Avenue bridge and Banff Avenue must be kept to a minimum and start to move as quickly as possible for both emergency and courtesy reasons. FOR THIS REASON, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE FIRST 2K-3K OF EACH RACE MOVES ALONG AT A STEADY PACE and clears Cave Avenue, the Banff Avenue bridge and Banff Avenue in a quick and timely manner.

22km Route

The 5K route will take runners on a gentle course through the Town of Banff. The start of the race will be a the Banff Recreation Grounds and lead runners on both pavement and footpaths to loop back to the finish line at the Rec Grounds. A perfect route for runners of all capabilities.


Runners will start massing on Sundance Road at 10:10 a.m. Note the 5K and 10K will start together. 5K runners stay to the right hand side. This is a self-seeded start. Markers will be on the side of the road. Please seed yourself accordingly. A Big Rock Brewery vehicle and a biker will lead the course. A biker will follow the last runner.

The Course:

START: 10:30 A.M. at the Banff Recreation Grounds
Finish: 12:30 P.M.
Click here to view and print off the 5Km Route Map

Outbound Course

  1. Start on Sundance Road (self-seeded start). Both lanes closed until 10:45 a.m. Northbound Lane closed until 1:30 p.m. (for 21K race).
  2. Turn left onto Cave Avenue. Both lanes closed to vehicle traffic from 10:15 a.m. until 10:50 a.m.
  3. Turn left onto Banff Avenue and cross over the Banff Avenue Bridge. All lanes of bridge closed to vehicle traffic until 10:45 a.m.
  4. At Buffalo Street continue Northbound on Banff Avenue. Northbound lanes only (runner's right of median).
  5. Turn right onto Wolf Street.
  6. Turn right onto Otter Street, Southbound lane only (runner's right).

Return Course

  1. Turn right onto Caribou Street, Westbound lane only (runner's right).
  2. Turn left onto Muskrat Street, Southbound lane only (runner's right).
  3. Cross Buffalo Street and proceed over Ped Bridge, staying on runner's right of traffic cones.
  4. Turn left onto Bow Falls Trail, staying on runner's right.
  5. Turn right at Y in footpath before Upper Bow Falls, as directed.
  6. Turn around before footpath reaches Bow Falls Avenue as directed, and return along Bow Falls Trail toward Ped Bridge, staying on runner's right.
  7. Turn right onto Glen Avenue at Ped Bridge trail intersection, staying on runner's right of delineators.
  8. Proceed along Glen Avenue under Banff Avenue Bridge, and along Birch Avenue, staying on runner's right of delineators.
  9. From the end of Birch Avenue proceed along Rec Grounds footpath, past the skateboard park to Sundance Road, staying on runner's right of path.

    NEW IN 2017

  10. A Course Marshall will direct you left onto a gravel path, behind the farthest ball diamond.
  11. Turn left onto the track and proceed to the finish line.

After you cross the finish line keep moving. You do not need to return your Bib Tag.


There are 3 water stations on the 5K route, including the finish line. A port-a-pottie is available at 2.1K. Click here to view 10K Contingency Route Click here to view 21K Contingency Route Map Click here to view 5K Contingency Route Click here to view the 21K Contingency Route Map 5k Contingency Route

For safety reasons, wheelchairs, baby joggers, strollers,
burleys and pets will not be permitted on the race course.

Please note: There is limited parking on the south side of the bridge. Leave your cars at your hotels, and either walk or take the Runners' Courtesy Bus provided by Melissa's Restaurant and Bar or take the Banff "Roam Bus". It is a busy weekend so be sure to make your hotel bookings soon.

Click here to view and print off 5km Route Map
Click here to view and print off the 5km Contingency Route

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